coffee origins


The beans used in our Peru Cold Brew derive from the Penachi region, and are produced under the Café Femenino Coffee Project, where over 1000 female coffee farmers are supported to engage in all aspects of coffee farming. This includes taking part in the selling and application of coffee revenue, activities women had no part in before 2003.

The aim of Café Femenino is to ensure that women receive full recognition & remuneration, the support to take on leadership roles, and most importantly, a voice and autonomy in their work and local communities.  

The Penachi region is about six hours drive north of the Coastal city of Chiclayo. 100 miles inland from the Pacific Coast lie the Andes Mountain Jungle, at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. It is in these mountains that separate Peru from Equador, that the Penachi coffee is grown.



Our Rwandan cold brew starts with beans from the Sake coffee washing station, a member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance: Rwanda Chapter that sits in the beautiful Eastern hillside. Sake employs mostly female workers in the rural Eastern Province of Rwanda, and aims to give these women authentic and lasting ownership within the coffee industry.

With the support of the alliance, this washing station encourages women to improve their skills and knowledge, and to build strong working relationships. The Alliance wants to engage every woman in the coffee sector from Crop to Cup by transforming their lives and wellbeing through strong relationships at regional and global levels.

Sake coffee has been processed in the Sake station since 2003, which sits around 1400-1900m above sea level. Women in rural areas are involved in producing the sweet coffee, which is of the Arabica Bourbon variety. The station promotes many socio-economic projects, including of course finding the best price for this wonderful coffee.