Cold Brew: Not just a summer fling


When we set out on this cold brew adventure, we knew we faced a lot of challenges. Getting people to know what cold brew actually is was the first major one, and some big chains helped us there (thanks thou-shall-remain-nameless big chains).

We also wanted to make the distinction between cold brew and iced coffee (they’re NOT the same!), and hope that coffee lovers could come to see cold brew as just another way to enjoy really great coffee, alongside their daily aeropresses, batch brews, espressos, syphon coffees and on and on.

Now we need to tackle the ‘cold brew is for sweltering days only’ idea we get a lot here in the UK. If we don’t stop eating ice cream or immediately quit drinking cold beer, chilled wine, iced G&T’s or coca cola when it gets cold, why do we recoil in horror at the idea of cold coffee? Let’s try see why cold brew is for enjoying all year long. Here goes…

At Far Side Coffee, we have strong roots in Minnesota, USA. Now I know what you’re thinking…where is that, and what the hell happens there. Well the answer to the first is that it’s in Midwest America, and as for the second…we’ll just focus on the task in hand.

 Minnesotans spend about a quarter of the year in a red-hot summer, and the other three quarters in serious minus temperatures and heavy ski gear (despite there being limited skiing on offer).  But even as they shuffle out of their snow-flanked driveways, wiping the ice that’s already formed on their frozen faces, these hard-core coffee lovers are caffeinating with COLD BREW. Seriously. Here are a few ideas why.

 Firstly, cold brew is genuinely a great way to enjoy your favourite coffee. With the cold brew process, ground coffee is steeped in cool waters for 18 hours and is then finely filtered - there shouldn’t be any other processes after this. The resulting drink is super smooth, much less acidic than hot coffee and means you can enjoy the pure taste of the bean without needing to add milk, sugar or syrups.

 With iced coffee, you lose a great deal of true coffee flavour between the heating and icing of the coffee, and this is why they often have syrups or milk to cover that sort of burnt taste. You don’t get that with cold brew, it’s a gentle process that means you can enjoy the full flavour of the bean. Less acidity also makes it easier on your stomach and digestion system, for any of you heartburn sufferers out there.

 With cold brew, the overall taste is subtle and gentle, yet with a depth of flavour you wouldn’t expect in cold coffee. Our two origins taste completely different from each other, and that’s simply because the coffee is speaking for itself. Afterwards, you’re left with a clean palate rather than a stale coffee flavour – another big bonus. Cold brew is also about 30% more caffeinated than regular hot coffee, due to the lack of oxidation from heat extraction. So you can get your caffeine kick that much quicker.

We use directly traded, single origin coffee from female producers in Rwanda and Peru. The beans they grow are truly exceptional. So, naturally, we want you to taste the real flavour of that coffee and cold brewing is a great, unobtrusive way to do just that. So we simply cold brew it, filter it and bottle it. Nothing more.

Our cold brews are ready for you to drink anytime. In a rush, on the go, at home, at the office, wherever you like! You’ll never have to settle for a sub-par coffee if you have a Far Side Cold Brew in the fridge. So cold brew is for ANYTIME, not just for Summer, and if the Minnesotans can drink it in -20 degree snow storms, we can definitely drink it when it’s just a bit chilly outside.

And that’s why we think Cold Brew isn’t just a summer fling, soon to be forgotten when the hot rays of sunshine have long subsided. It’s an all year kinda thing.

So, how’d we do?